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Lipitec A/S offers a variety of highly effective feedstuffs, all developed in preparation for optimizing animal health and farmer profit.

​Our speciality is production of different kinds of rumen protected fat (bypass fat) for ruminants, and also special kinds of powder fat for other groups of animals, like piglets.

All feedstuffs are produced on basis of raw materials of the very best quality on our own factory in Denmark.

​The factory on 8,000 m2 contains the following facilities:

  • Calcium soap plant
  • Fat spraying plant
  • Facilities for liquid fat handling
  • 2,500 m3 heated tanks
  • Packing equipment for big bags and small bags.
  • Own laboratory for Feedstuff testing, to ensure the highest quality and homogeneity.

The activities in Vantinge are developed into full scale ”milling support” operations in feed grade oils and fats.


The company is private owned by Per Leth Sørensen, Carsten Brogaard Jensen, Thomas Ågren and Jean-Luc Ducotterd, personally or through personal holding companies.


NLM Vantinge A/S employs about 22 persons, of which most are employed in production.

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Lipitec A/S

Blåkildevej 27


DK-5750 Ringe

VAT-no DK: 44506319

​Phone: +45 6266 1931​​


GMP+ Certified


We are following the HACCP-system in our

production of feedfat.

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