Lipitec® Piggy

  • Lipitec Piggy is a sprayed fat, developed especially for improved daily gain in piglets
  • Lipitec Piggy can be fed in pure form or used in compound feed
  • Lipitec Piggy is based on saturated triglycerides, which has been added mono/diglycerides to ensure maximum emulsifying properties and increased digestibility

​More information about Lipitec Piggy can be found here.

​NLM 66

  • ​Vegetable solid fat for all animals
  • Improves energy intake
  • NLM 66 can be fed in pure form or used in compound feed
  • Based on calcium soap and saturated mono-, di- and triglycerols

More information about NLM 66 can be found here.​

Lipitec Milkpowder

Lipitec A/S is distributing various types of milk powder. Contact us for more information.​

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