Lipitec A/S’ expertise is the production of different kinds of rumen protected fat (bypass fat) for ruminants, and also special kinds of powder fat for other groups of animals, like piglets.

​We are very much concerned about the fact, that feed fat can affect quality and nutritional value of the farmers products, meat and dairy products.

Dairy cows and other ruminants:

We produce calcium soap as well as sprayed saturated fat. Both categories are well known as valuable sources of bypass fat. You can find more info here.

​Pigs and other monogastrics:

Some monogastrics, like piglets, are challenged in the digestion of feed fat. We are trying to fix this dilemma. You can find more info here.


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Lipitec A/S

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GMP+ Certified


We are following the HACCP-system in our

production of feedfat.

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